The Tobago Organic Marine Concept

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Tobago Organic

Initiated by 'Creative Vision Technologist' Robert Edge & joined by Dominic Percy in early 2022

Who am I ?
I am just an ordinary guy in my early 60’s with a passion for the garden, nature, the sea and the Caribbean lifestyle. 
Having lived in both Tobago and Trinidad for the past 25 years I have seen for myself, that changes are happening..  Some good and some not so.  I am not a writer or journalist but have spent my life in the field of ‘creative media’ and design, capable of seeing the vision of others and a knowledge of technology that can be applied, to maximise awareness of day to day problems that we are now facing.

So to help with the growth of Organic goods and services, I have constructed the website and platform myself to share ideas, innovations, opinions and solutions of how to live a clean healthy life in this paradise island of Tobago.
Having also been living on board a yacht at sea for many years, I can see how my knowledge of eco friendly energy devices like solar power, wind generators, desalination devices, water conservation and collection etc. can be easily applied to modern day farming needs, especially during the dry season.

Who is Dominic?
Dominic will be bringing in a wealth of Business and Project Management skills to the project. Already being a registered farmer with the Tobago House of Assembly, holder of a B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Business Management) and having a background in both local and international farming practices; his input in this project will be integrating a climate smart agriculture practice as well as innovative methods that will seek to increase sustainable food production in Tobago. At the same time, strengthen local farmers’ resilience, reduce the amount of local agriculture greenhouse gas emissions and increase Carbon sequestration on the island.

Percy’s contribution will be to deliver further environmental benefits for Tobago that will conserve /protect the marine environment and coastal areas, for the health and well being of present and future generations. In addition, through proper coordinated planning by Tobago Organics, Percy will ensure the project adheres to the aims and objectives of a national disaster preparedness plan, in relation to ensuring local food production is guaranteed through the appropriate channels, even in unforeseen negative circumstances, for example: Global Pandemics or after adverse weather conditions.

What is

This (fully searchable) website is a Database Driven platform that in time will deliver ‘Everything’ you need to know about growing organic food  in both in your home garden and allocated lots of farmland. 
A seed database will cover ALL varieties of produce that can be grown on the island, together with a knowledgebase on what to do and where to get started. 
A fully loaded database of organic suppliers, tools, products, ideas, tips and tricks, and all available resources will be at the end of you now green fingertips. 
The ‘Articles” section will cover ideas, and solutions to both local and global issues such as the environment, climate change, sustainable development, the economy and the development of agriculture in general on Tobago itself.  
My biggest personal pet hate and clearest visible  threat to the environment and the sea is ‘PLASTIC’… So something has to be done now to clean this stuff up and recycling it back into tools and irrigation systems, to assist Organic Farming,  Hydroponics and Fishery Development.

So... Where to Begin? Answer.. The Beaches!

The section below contains a host of bullet point ideas that hopefully connect you into the overall concept, and will in time be linked to related articles to cover all the finer points in more detail

Plastic Collection

Mainly bottles and Containers
Start with the Beaches and resorts
Rivers and Waterways
Debris Flow Barriers in Rivers
Roadside and Drains
Landfills and Dumpsites

Collection Workforce

General Public
Youth Incentive Programmes
CPEP Workers
Debris Containment Barriers in Rivers

Financial Rewards

Can be offered to Financially Challenged or unemployed persons who receive a small cash voucher for each full bag collected 

Awareness Campaigns

Social Media
The Local Media / TV
This Website 

Collection Methods

By hand placed in Net or Mesh bags made from recycled polyester that are super lightweight, washable, reusable, and wont retain water.
Collected at homes by Refuge Collectors, Emptied into vehicles and bags returned

Skips and Bins located in

Supermarket Carparks
Shopping Malls
Public Recreation Areas
Sporting Venues
Beaches and Resorts


Bottles are Sorted
Washed and Shredded
Heated and Molded

Recycled Products

PVC Pipes

½ inch – ¾ inch –  2 inch – 4 inch
4 inch Half Pipe

PVC Fittings

Tee – Crosses – 45 degree Elbows – 90 degree Elbows – Couplings – Unions – Reducers –End Caps

Pots and Planters

Seed Trays
Seedling Transfer Pots
Planters Home and Farm
Flower Pots

Plastic Beams

Lightweight Construction Projects
2×2 inch x 8 foot lengths
H Beams – T Beams – Channel Beams
Out Houses
Fence Posts
Solar Panel Frames

Guttering and Trays

Rainwater Collection
Irrigation Systems

Roofing Tiles

Interlocking lightweight tile systems for farm construction projects to include solar water
heating pipes as an option

These Tiles can utilise ‘Dirty or Contaminated’ plastics that are often collected from beaches and may be not suitable for injection molding.
These products are often mixed with sand or wood chips during the recycling process and use a compression mould. So Nothing goes to waste.

Bottle Collection Incentives & 'Rewards' to TURN waste PLASTIC into ORGANIC FOOD!

Returning ‘Bottles for Cash’ is not a new idea at all  .. BUT!.. Collecting bottles in return for Healthy Organic FOOD certainly is…

Tobago Organics idea is to issue super lightweight net bags (made from recycled plastic) at all our collection sites then in return for each bag (approximately 100 bottles) issue a bus ticket type voucher, Bar Coded from each collection point

Which value can then be redeemed for Organic Fruits and Vegetables at registered stores and vendors. The Fruits of labour can be rewarded with real fruits of nature leading to a healthier lifestyle and avoiding the issues in dealing with Cash. 

Youth Development

Using social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, Recycling Awareness can be targeted directly to the youth of Tobago together with poster campaigns in Schools, stores, food outlets and recreational areas in the local villages. Get the kids to Lobby the importance of recycling and healthy eating to their parents.

The importance of Clean Beaches and roadsides is not only common sense by protecting the environment, and sea life, but also  the future of regular Tourism  to this great island.
Kids today need to be excited about where they live and aware that the have done their part to keep Tobago an Island to be proud of.

The University of Trinidad and Tobago
Product Design and Development
Plant Identification and Seed Database
Organic Disease and Control Methods

Biology and Agriculture in Schools
Hydroponic Systems in Schools
Bottle Collection  Depot
Rural Science Curriculum

EMA / Ministry of Agriculture
Soil Beach and Agricultural Testing 
Waterways and River Testing
Water Collection and Preservation 

Tobago Organic Product Development

All development products and designs will be constructed using only recycled components and will be available in our store once materials are available

Indoor Hydroponic Systems with lighting

Tabletop Hydroponic Systems

Indoor / Outdoor Aquaponic Systems

Commercial Hydroponic Systems

Agricultural Land Distribution

Agricultural Land Security & Coastal Mapping

Motion Sensor (triggered) 12v LED perimeter lighting powered by Solar

Surveillance and patrols using electric E-Bikes, Drones Live Stream Video Monitoring

Land and Coastal Mapping, Surveying, & Monitoring Environmental Issues

There are many parts of a farm’s ecosystem that make them a target for thieves. During food shortages or periods of difficult weather, thieves may take an interest in your farm if you’ve grown a successful yield. Water supplies can also become a target during dry season.

IZENEARZ “Eyes & Ears” is a unique Security and Surveillance concept, designed to service large areas that are sometimes inaccessible to normal security methods and equipment. The concept uses the very latest technologies to respond to and tackle immediate security threats to farm lands, construction sites, sport stadiums and other such venues.  

These same technologies and equipment can also be seamlessly applied to survey and mapping projects especially when monitoring coastlines and  beaches for pollution, coastal environmental issues such as erosion , Reef Protection, the movement of wildlife and Turtle Breeding sites, plus other maritime related projects.
Tides, Currents and wind form natural plastic and waste areas on our beaches so we need to identify them before they become a threat.

As a farmer, a simple cost effective security system that you can trust to keep your crops and tools safe, is something that needs to be considered in order to protect your hard earned investment.
Rural crime is more common than you might think, as millions of dollars of farm property and crops are stolen every year.

IzenEarz solution is a totally environmentally friendly concept using solar charged electric transport, perimeter lighting with motion sensors, live stream video surveillance, rapid response, and digital video with sound to back up any evidence of security breaches. 
A Farm Watch Community Program would allow neighboring farm owners to share in this technology and be each others Eyes and Ears, using social media to communicate about potential problems and suspicious activity.

Tobago (Online) Organic Farmers Marketplace

A Fully searchable database of each available product where and when available. This feature links directly to both our Seed Bank and Food Bank archives and databases. Tobago’s Very Own Online Organic Store..

Effectively this concept and process will drastically reduce the need for unnecessary transportation of perishable produce to and from land based growers markets, and create a direct link from the farmer to the client. 
Pre ordered Crop orders can be picked or harvested and delivered same day with Tobago Organics quality control measures in between, to ensure the finest fruit and vegetables on the island

To assist the farmer to get his / her produce to the retailer or consumer at its peak in freshness, a refrigerated collection and delivery process means the grower never needs to leave the field. 
During a recent pandemic, the need to source fresh food and produce with the travel restrictions that were put in place, caused grave difficulties and shortages to the main supply line.

The description and labelling of our products will be very important and provide a feeling of security when purchasing. Consumers are aware that by buying our organic food they will be responsibly supporting a sustainable form of production in Tobago.

In summary, the organic seal of quality will embrace the following: –
All growing materials are 100% natural
The organic agriculture origin
High organic product quality
Good production practice
Maximum naturalness through the reduction of legally permitted additives
Raw materials can be traced back to their source
No use of packaging containing chlorine
Independent monitoring

Maximize Production and Efficiency – Minimize Transportation needs and Carbon Emissions